There were plenty of things that didn’t go Georgia’s way on Saturday, most notably the start as the Bulldogs didn’t get things back on track until the second half.

Coach Kirby Smart had an answer to the problems, as the issues were far more than just the quarterback problems.

“Yeah it starts on the penalties, it starts on guys busting assignments, and it starts on missing signals and not doing what they’re supposed to do,” Smart said at his post-game press conference following the Arkansas win. “That’s 100 percent what I attribute it to. So when you turn the ball over, which we did when we had a good drive. When you hold people and you line up in the backfield you’re not going to have a lot of success. That’s just not going to happen. Nobody’s going to give you plays on second and 15, and second and 20, it’s just not going to happen. You’re not going to be efficient. You’ve gotta execute. You’ve got to play clean, we call it playing clean, we did not play clean today.”

The Bulldogs get back to action this week with their home opener against Auburn in a game that has drawn the attention of ESPN’s “College GameDay” which will broadcast from Athens on Saturday morning.