On Thursday, Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt was in a lighthearted mood at his press conference, cracking a few jokes with reporters. Pruitt’s joke about playing golf with Kirby Smart got the attention of the Georgia head coach.

“Hey, let me tell you, every time I’ve played golf with Kirby Smart, he’s the only person I ever seen, alright, that he always finds his ball in the woods. Always,” Pruitt joked when talking about the competitive nature of coaches.

A few hours later, Smart responded with a shot at Pruitt’s golf game.

“For the record – I don’t play golf with 25+ handicap golfers,” Smart wrote on his Twitter account.

Pruitt and Smart worked together on Nick Saban’s staff, so these shots at each other appear to be all in good fun. It’s sure to come up next time the rival head coaches are together on the golf course.