Kirby Smart didn’t appreciate the line of questioning on Monday about Carson Beck’s performance to start the season.

Smart was asked 3 questions about Beck specifically, and others about the offense in general. Smart said Beck has different things to improve on each game, and the coaching staff challenged Beck.

“What I’ve been most proud of is his composure, which I never doubted,” Smart said. “He has a great demeanor about him, that he handles positive and negative almost the same.”

Smart said Beck celebrate for the first time on Saturday after a touchdown, and the coach added that the other Georgia players rally around Beck when he does that.

Asked about Beck making downfield throws early in the game, Smart didn’t follow that perception.

“You want more shots downfield? There’s shots on a lot of plays that the look’s not there,” Smart said. “If it’s middle field’s closed, you don’t just take a shot, take a shot, the quarterback has a read. They’re in quarters, and the safety’s deep, you don’t just take a shot, right? What he’s really good at, one of the best I’ve been around, is seeing the coverage, knowing what it is and knowing where to go with the ball. … I don’t know perception because I don’t know your reality, or anybody’s reality because I don’t judge other people’s perception, I only look at what happens in a game, and what happens at practice, and feel very good that Carson’s doing a good job.”

Smart was asked again about Beck, and he seemed dumbfounded at the questions.

“Again, I don’t know what you guys write, read or hear, because you listen to a lot more of it than I do,” Smart said. “I don’t know. I go by his week of practice, his preparation and his execution, and I’m very pleased with that. He makes good decisions with the ball. That happened the last 2 years when nobody was asking about him. Nobody asked about Carson Beck for 2 years. But he was out there doing the same thing he’s doing now, he was getting better, and that allowed for a smooth transition. … Everybody thinks it’s some kind of different offense, it’s the exact same, it’s not different, the results have not been the same. That’s statistical proof, but he’s transitioned well because of the fact that he’s been in the offense he’s been in. His strengths are different than Stetson’s.”

Smart pointed out that Beck is talented at catching the ball and getting it out of his hands because of his baseball background.

“We’ve got to get better results, that’s for sure, but certainly pleased what both of them have done,” Smart said.