With yet another dominating win on Saturday, the 6-0 Georgia Bulldogs have moved up to No. 4 in the AP Poll.

Coach Kirby Smart’s crew has another very winnable game when the 1-4 Missouri Tigers travel to Athens this weekend, but the Bulldogs won’t be taking anyone for granted.

During his press conference on Monday, Smart said the Bulldogs know being ranked in the top four only counts come College Football Playoff time, so that’s their goal right now.

“You address it with the kids,” Smart said. “We don’t talk about what we’re ranked. We didn’t talk about what we were ranked last week. There’s really no difference because none of it matters. All we talk about is a race. The race is after the 50-meter mark and that’s where the race is. I don’t know one person that ever talked about (Justin) Gatlin being ahead of (Usain) Bolt at the 50-meter mark. Nobody cared. They only care about where you finish and they only care about what you do next. That’s our objective — to do what’s next.”

Senior DB Aaron Davis said the Bulldogs are simply trying to ignore the hype right now so they can stay humble.

“When you have a mindset, like we don’t really listen to all the hype and outside noise, we just focus on each other and everything that we do day-in and day-out,” Davis said. “When things like that come, you always hear types of things like that, but we’re just keeping our heads level.”

It’s always a challenge for top teams to stay on top. Just this week, No. 3 Oklahoma fell at home to an unranked Iowa State squad. Ohio State lost to that same Oklahoma team when it was ranked in the top four earlier this year.

The Bulldogs have a tough test coming up against Florida on Oct. 28, but they’d also be wise not to overlook Mizzou this weekend.