Kirby Smart and the Georgia Bulldogs survived a massive scare from Mizzou at Faurot Field on Saturday night.

The Bulldogs needed a late comeback to pull off a 26-22 victory and remain unbeaten on the season.

So, what went wrong for the Dawgs? Smart offered some very candid thoughts about Missouri controlling the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball (via 247Sports):

“Gettin’ yo ass whipped up front. That’s what the finger was,” Smart said when asked if he could put a finger on the running game’s issue in the first half. “Like, when you put on pads and you’ve got to strike another man, and he’s across from you and he weighs 300 and you weigh 300, somebody wins and somebody loses. So, the finger is we’re gettin’ our butts whooped, OK? Now, scheme-wise, we can maybe help them out. We can do some different things. We can look and find some things. Gap plays helped us. You know, we ran some gap plays, and that really helped us. But, when you’re not running the ball well, you’re usually getting whipped.”

Georgia obviously has a ton of talent in the trenches, having recruited both offensive and defensive line well during Smart’s tenure.

Will the Mizzou game serve as a wakeup call? Or is it a sign of trouble to come? We’ll see how the Bulldogs look against rival Auburn next week.