No. 2 Georgia (4-0, 2-0 SEC) is having no trouble getting in the end zone this season. In all four games this season, the Bulldogs have managed to score at least 41 points. Holding onto the ball crossing the goal line, however, has been an issue.

In the Week 2 win over South Carolina, UGA DB Deandre Baker dropped the football before crossing the goal line on an interception return. Luckily that time, a Bulldogs defender was able to get his hands on the ball and complete the scoring play.

It almost happened again Saturday against Missouri. WR Jeremiah Holloman let go of the ball as he crossed the goal line. Upon review, the touchdown stood, but it was certainly too close for comfort for everyone in red and black.

Georgia head coach Kirby Smart addressed what’s certainly a frustrating issue during his Monday press conference of Tennessee week. He identified the issue as ““a lack of respect for the ball, and a lack of respect for your teammates.”

“I think we’ll address it at practice. We’ll handle it internally and it’s not really for public consumption. I think that’s important. I think the important thing is that we get it fixed,” Smart said. “How many times does something have to happen? But it’s not something that you don’t talk about. You talk about it, you confront it, you demand.

“A lot of times I’m a big believer that leadership on the team has to do that. It doesn’t just come from me. It comes from every player on the team buying in that that’s important. I can assure you that neither kid that, that was their thought process as they were running down the field, I’m going to drop this ball near the goal line. It’s just a lack of respect for the ball and a lack of respect for your teammates, which you can’t have.”

One can assume there will be a lot of talk about “respect” during Tennessee week practice.