Does Georgia finally have the offense figured out in Athens?

It started to look that way at the end of the 2020 season after JT Daniels was named the starting quarterback as the Bulldogs averaged just over 37 points per game during the final four games of the season.

In addition to Daniels’ emergence, Georgia returns over 98 percent of the rushing production and over 94 percent of the receiving production from last season’s offense. With Todd Monken entering his second season in Athens and his first spring camp with the Bulldogs, there’s plenty of optimism that this could be the best offense of the Kirby Smart era at Georgia.

The way Georgia’s head coach tells it, the familiarity of Monken’s system is showing in Athens entering spring practice — which is set to begin on March 16.

“Yeah, we can see the effects of that, even right now in our ability to have walkthroughs and things that the NCAA allows us to do right now,” Smart said on Tuesday. “It’s just the pace with which they’re able to do things, install things, you can imagine, last year at this time, it was a whirlwind, in terms of trying to figure out.

“Okay, Monken’s here. Okay, we’ve got this guy here, this guy here, trying to install different things. Just the pace with which we’re doing walkthroughs and being able to do things offensively has been much better.”

Smart went on to note that he believes the offense looks to be ahead of the defense in Athens.

“If anything, we’re trying to adjust more on defense now to what they’re doing because they’re a little bit ahead of us where we were a little bit ahead of them last year,” Smart continued. “So that’s good and JT, obviously getting a spring to go through this, I mean at this time last year I don’t even have a clue what he was doing. Was he rehabbing from a knee?

“He’s come a long way in terms of the volume of information he’s gotten and the other quarterbacks as well. You got to figure Carson Beck had just gotten here to this point last year, and Brock’s out there and Stetson’s out there, so all those guys are learning.”

It’s safe to assume by the time the season arrives, Smart and Dan Lanning will have their defense ready to compete at a high level.

If that happens and Georgia’s offense manages to live up to the hype, the upcoming season could just be the one Bulldog fans have been waiting a few decades to experience.