Kirby Smart and Georgia are preparing for an Arkansas offense that the Bulldogs’ coach believes can stretch the field, and put stress on a defense.

Asked what Georgia needs to prepare for this week, Smart was succinct.

“Everything. You have to defend the entire field,” he said on the SEC coaches media teleconference about offensive coordinator Kendal Briles. “… He does what the players do well. You have a QB like KJ who creates issues and problems for defenses.”

Smart also shared why Arkansas is so successful throwing deep passes.

“They run the ball well,” Smart said. “When you run the ball successfully, you created 1-on-1 opportunities to take shots. … I also think their quarterback does a really good job throwing the deep ball.”

Smart also offered an update on assistant coach Scott Cochran, who left the team before the season for health reasons.

“He’s actually in town right now,” Smart said. “He’s visiting with his family and with us temporarily. … He’ll hopefully join us in the next couple of weeks.”

Smart added that he didn’t know if Cochran will resume his special teams coordinator role this season.

“We haven’t defined all that out,” Smart said. “Right now we’re worried about his family and safety and we’re not really concerned about that.”