On the one hand, Georgia has a light schedule when it comes to playing away from Athens. The Bulldogs have already won twice on the road and only have two more true road tests remaining on the schedule. While the Bulldogs have already conquered trips to both Columbias this season, the upcoming trip to Baton Rouge will likely be a challenge the team has yet to experience this season.

How will Kirby Smart’s relatively young roster handle a trip that is essentially a non-conference trip, Georgia is not currently scheduled to return to Baton Rouge during the next decade, this weekend?

Interestingly enough, Smart says his team won’t be making too big of a deal of the trip.

“Every time you go on the road, you have crowd noise, you have to prepare for it,” Smart said following Georgia’s Tuesday practice. “If you belabor the point, talk about it, they start believing all that. At the end of the day, loud is loud. It can only get so loud to where you can’t hear anything. And you can’t hear anything in that stadium. You can’t hear anything in a lot of SEC stadiums.

“So, it is what it is, we have to go out and execute, and we know that will be a factor. It will make things hard on the offensive line to make calls. Those are all factors. We practice with noise; we do it all summer. We try to make ourselves comfortable with the uncomfortable.”

When it comes to Tiger Stadium, Smart knows what he’s talking about better than most coaches. Not only did he play in Tiger Stadium as a member of Georgia’s team back in his playing days, but he also coached there several times as an assistant under Nick Saban at Alabama and even spent a season as an LSU assistant.

Georgia’s previous trip to Baton Rouge occurred in 2008 and resulted in a 52-38 win over a Les Miles-coached squad. This time, the Bulldogs head to Baton Rouge with an undefeated 6-0 mark to take on a 5-1 LSU team coming off its first loss of the season in Gainesville.