Alabama fans, mock Kirby Smart at your own risk.

Georgia’s quick rise to prominence under Smart is reminiscent of what Nick Saban managed to accomplish in Tuscaloosa back in 2008. That season, Saban’s program ripped through the regular season before suffering a tough loss against an Urban Meyer-coached Florida team in the SEC Championship Game before dropping the Sugar Bowl to Utah.

Those late-season losses motivated Alabama all offseason and the rest of the college football world has been paying the price ever since. The Crimson Tide would go on to their first title under Saban the following season and have yet to slow down since that time. Until now, there’s been little to no resistance from Alabama’s SEC rivals.

Smart is on a mission to change that and has already expressed his belief that Georgia’s loss to Alabama in the National Championship Game could be used to fuel the continued progression of his UGA program. Considering Smart coached under Saban back in 2008, he’s well aware of what an offseason of work looks like.

According to Smart — who was a recent guest on the Paul Finebaum Show — during his Wednesday appearance at the Birmingham-based Region’s Tradition pro-am, some brave Alabama fans took the opportunity to mock the Georgia coach.

At this moment, there’s no better way for an Alabama fan to get under the skin of a Georgia man more than citing these three words: second and 26. That’s exactly what fans allegedly said to Smart at the pro-am and he doesn’t plan on forgetting that anytime soon.

“Did the Alabama fans needle you a bit on the course?” Finebaum asked Smart during his appearance on the show.

“Oh yeah, I heard a few 2nd and 26s. We’ll remember those,” Smart answered.

After losing to Florida in the 2008 SEC title game, Alabama absolutely destroyed the Gators 32-13 in a rematch the following season. That game marked the beginning of the end for Meyer in Gainesville and if Alabama fans aren’t careful, they may motivate Smart into doing much the same for Saban in the near future.