Kirby Smart made an appearance on “SEC This Morning” on Monday to talk with Peter Burns and Chris Doering about what makes this Georgia team different than previous teams in his tenure in Athens.

“Every team’s different, and every team takes on a different personality,” Smart said. “I’ve just enjoyed this team a lot, they’ve embraced the challenge, embraced the grind. For the first time, we have a large group of really good leaders, juniors and seniors, but both classes are full of guys that love football and they enjoy practice.”

Smart said he figured the defense up front could be good from the spring because Georgia had a lot of guys back, but there were questions about the secondary, and filling holes. Smart deflected the description of the defense being “generational” as Doering described it, or elite.

“I don’t know that we’re generational or elite to this point,” Smart said. “There’s busts on that field Saturday, you just don’t always see them. We’ve got some things we’ve got to clean up certainly, but I love the way they embrace the challenge of getting better every week.”