It’s always interesting to hear the remarks of college football coaches during game week press conferences. Some play it close to the vest and stick to the tried-and-true statements. Others, like Mississippi State’s Mike Leach or Ole Miss’s Lane Kiffin, are good for a soundbite or two. Or, if you’re Alabama’s Nick Saban, you’re known for your occasional viral rants.

On Tuesday, Auburn coach Gus Malzahn stuck to example No. 1 when asked about Georgia’s talent level as a team.

“(You’re) looking at a team that’s probably the most talented team overall in the SEC,” he said, according to

What was Kirby Smart’s response? During his own press conference, he had a humorous answer when asked about his reaction to Malzahn’s comments.

“I think if you ask somebody the week of a game, the team they’re playing will have the most talent in the SEC,” he said. “And the next week, that team will have the most talent, and then the next week, that team will have the most talent, and that’s called coach speak. So thanks, Gus. He has the most talent in the SEC, himself.”

Malzahn and Smart’s thoughts aside, the game between the Bulldogs and Tigers, set to be played under the lights in front of a nationwide TV audience on ESPN, will be the premier matchup in this week’s college football slate.