Kirby Smart on Sunday evening commented on his team’s upcoming matchup with LSU and its mindset going into the SEC Championship Game.

Smart was asked about the Kentucky game, a game in which the Wildcats gave the Bulldogs a run for their money for a while. The Wildcats were coming off a disappointing loss to the Vanderbilt Commodores when they held the Bulldogs to just 16 points.

The Bulldogs’ SEC Championship Game opponent, the LSU Tigers, are also coming off a loss in a game in which they were heavily favored. Smart had the following to say:

Q. You guys went up against a Kentucky team that came off a loss to Vanderbilt, gave you a lot to handle that week. Do you expect the same from LSU knowing they’re disappointed losing last night to Texas A&M?
KIRBY SMART: “Yeah, I don’t know that the week before’s result is a major factor. I mean, you think they’d want to win any less if they won last night? I just don’t look at things like that.

Smart was also asked about his players having a target on their backs as the defending national champions. Smart stated that his Bulldogs put a bull’s eye on every opponent they play, and the goal is always to “target them, attack them.”

Q. I can’t help but ask, going throughout this season with a bullseye squarely on your team, how has the team responded to that?
KIRBY SMART: “The team has had a bull’s eye on about everybody we’ve played. That’s our goal, is to put a bullseye on the people we play, target them, attack them.”

Smart’s Bulldogs are seeking to remain perfect as they are set to take on the LSU Tigers in Atlanta.