Last night, Georgia senior linebacker Tim Kimbrough announced his decision to leave the program, opting to transfer for his final season of eligibility.

“He just made a decision to leave in his best interest,” Kimbrough’s father said.

“It has to do with some other stuff,” that his father did not want to divulge. “He didn’t get into trouble or nothing like that. It’s just in our best intrests. We’re from Indiana and it’s kind of hard. I can’t do everything 600 miles away and get information like I’m supposed to. He just was very unhappy.”

On Thursday, Bulldogs coach Kirby Smart released an official statement regarding the move:

“Based on a mutual decision between Tim (Kimbrough) and I, he will no longer be a part of our football program,” Smart said. “We wish him the best as he continues his education and playing career.”

According to the Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionKimbrough claims he was given two choices: be kicked off team or transfer from Georgia.

“I just wanted to sit out, so the people in front of me could start until they needed me, until the team needed me,” Kimbrough said. “But since I left practice, coach, he was like, since I left practice I’ve got to be kicked off the team, or I had to transfer. So I just said I would transfer.”

However, AJC also reports, “someone with knowledge of Kimbrough’s departure maintained that Georgia coaches ‘tried to keep him.'”

As a junior in 2015, Kimbrough recorded 62 tackles (4.5 for loss) with one sack in 10 games of action.