If you have a favorite jersey, shirt or even pair of underwear you sport on Saturday’s in the fall to support your team, you are not alone.

During the most recent Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl Challenge golf tournament, the college coaches in attendance for the event each sat down and answered questions ranging from their golf game to the gridiron. When it was Kirby Smart’s turn to go, the Georgia coach revealed some information that likely only his closest confidants were aware of prior to this Q&A session.

Smart was asked if he had any pre-game rituals or superstitions that he has before his teams take the field. Georgia’s coach admitted that he does and it started back during his time in Tuscaloosa.

“Yeah, I usually wear a coat and tie to whatever game. Started back at Alabama, I don’t like untying the tie so I just take it off and leave it tied for after the game,” Smart revealed. “I’m always thinking what will I be thinking after the game, whether it’s win or lose, so I place the tie in the locker still tied and leave it that way through the game. Started working for me at Alabama, of course, we won so many games I thought it was because of the tie — didn’t have anything to do with the players.

“Somehow when I got to Georgia, I realized that wasn’t the case. Didn’t always work at Georgia.”

That may not be wild of an answer some Bulldog fans are prepared to give, after all, Sanford Stadium is typically filled with fans in spiked shoulder pads, but if Smart believed that would help his team get a big win over a rival, he’d probably wear that too as he walked into the stadium.