Kirby Smart expects plenty from freshman players, and when they make mistakes, the Georgia coaching staff has a colorful term for them.

“They have a lot to improve on,” Smart said at his Monday press conference. “The most obvious is there was a lot of mistakes — mistakes that even they’ll tell you, we call them WTFs. There’s a lot of things, like, ‘Why did you do that? You didn’t do that all year. The largest growth for those games is game one, 2, 3. In terms of reaction to their mistakes and what makes a guy. … It allows a player to not make the most glaring mistake. Things that you’ve repped a lot.”

Smart has come to accept those kinds of mistakes in the season opener, and it’s more about what the response is, and Georgia is about to find out what the response is to those freshman mistakes.

Smart said the inside linebackers had some “WTFs,” but they played with confidence.” He explained that they managed the “leadership aspect” well, but did some things wrong physically.

Smart also believes in the idea that “being loud and wrong is better than being quiet and right” as he explained the importance of playing with confidence.