After years of being known as a defensive league, offense has taken over in the SEC. The last two national champions, Alabama and LSU, won SEC titles by lighting up the scoreboard en route to perfect seasons.

Georgia head coach Kirby Smart has a defensive background but he sought to upgrade the Bulldogs offense by bringing in new play-caller Todd Monken for the 2020 season. Heading into 2021, Smart feels his program has “closed the gap” with the Tigers and Crimson Tide. During his fall camp press conference, Smart was asked if Georgia has the wide receivers to make the jump to being an Alabama or LSU-like offense.

“Well, I don’t know if I’m saying this right, but I think Alabama had four first-round receivers,” Smart said. “I know they had them in separate years, but I don’t know that we have four first-rounders at wideout if that’s what you’re asking. I know LSU had two first-round receivers on the team we played, and I do know that they had a first-round back and first overall quarterback.

“So I don”t know how ours compare to that because you can only know that after the fact, you can’t compare it to it before the fact, but I do know that having skill players that can light up the scoreboard and score points is certainly critical. I think that we’ve been able to close the gap in terms of if the standard was Alabama or LSU and their offenses, we’ve probably closed that gap. But I don’t know that we have four first-rounders. I don’t know if we have that.”

UGA fans are certainly hoping that this fall JT Daniels and company will put up numbers similar to what we saw from LSU and Alabama in recent years.

[H/T Dawgs247]