Kirby Smart was known as an Alabama assistant to sit on the sidelines and listen to music on an iPod. The Georgia coach said he still does it, but just not outside at the stadium.

During a chat with ESPN’s Holly Rowe and Maria Taylor, Smart shared his tastes in music, and how it covers nearly every genre.

“The only thing that despises me and disgusts me is I don’t like heavy metal,” Smart said. “I don’t enjoy heavy metal, it’s just too loud. Sometimes they play it down in the weight room and ugh, how can you get motivated? I like a little bit of everything, old school hip hop that I grew up with, the Tupac generation. But then new country music, I like a lot of Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, those guys are fun to listen to, mixed in with a little bit of what our players like, because I hear so much of it at practice and in the locker room, it grows on me and I enjoy it.”

Taylor then replied, “I just hope that somewhere there’s Migos mixed tapes.”

Smart said, “Absolutely. We get that at practice all the time. Quavo’s one of my favorites. He communicates all the time and he’s a Georgia guy.”

Rowe and Taylor met with Smart as part of their cross-country road trip visiting several of the top teams in college football. Earlier in the video below, they discussed QB Jake Fromm’s leadership, how RB D’Andre Swift has something to prove, and the easy transition Smart had with replacing both coordinators.