Georgia just continues to roll through the 2017 season. Following yet another big conference win, and thanks to Clemson’s upset loss at Syracuse, the Bulldogs have achieved their highest ranking of the season.

However, Kirby Smart isn’t totally pleased with his team after giving up so many big plays to Missouri’s offense last week. Georgia is on a bye this week before facing Florida in Jacksonville. Smart was one among the first coaches to speak during Wednesday’s SEC Coaches Teleconference.

Here’s a summary of what the Georgia coach had to say:

  • Opening statement: “Got some recovery time, got in a good practice yesterday. Just trying to improve in many different areas.”
  • On winning with a freshman QB? “I think you have to first have to do a great job in the offseason preparing them. Allow them to grow and develop and teaching him. You don’t want to paralyze them with information but you can’t be too simple with the defenses in this league. You have to get better in each game.”
  • Most common deficiency in high school QBs? “These days it’s getting under center. That’s usually the biggest. Also studying defenses, they don’t do that in high school like they do in college.”
  • Do the players understand the Florida-UGA rivalry or is it just the next SEC game to them? “Both. They know Florida is the next game but when you are mostly homegrown, they know each other on those teams. Most of these guys were recruited by both schools.”
  • How do you manage your QB situation so well? “Eason was out. We practiced Fromm. He got better, he’s done some good things. He’s gotten better. Eason is still growing as a QB. They are both growing and learning. They both know it’s a team decision.
  • What did last year with Eason teach you playing Fromm? “Be patient. Take what the defense gives you. Protect the ball and play to your defense and special teams.
  • Is QB play better this year than last? “I wouldn’t have a great opinion on that. It did seem like last year there were several young QBs in the league. It comes and goes.”