Kirby Smart fielded several questions about his own quarterbacks and the Florida quarterback situation at his Monday press conference ahead of the game against the Gators in Jacksonville.

“It’s going to be based on practice. No decision has been made whatsoever,” Smart said, and added that JT Daniels didn’t experience pain after practice Thursday. “It’s based on performance on the field.”

Smart added that other players who missed games because of injury are slow to return to football shape even though physically those players were 100 percent.

“I think it all depends on where JT is and where Stetson (Bennett) is and what gives us the best chance to win,” Smart said. “Stetson’s done a good job since he’s been playing and JT’s done a good job when he’s played. The good thing is we feel like we’ve got really 3 or 4 good quarterbacks that are ready to play.”

Smart was asked about chemistry in relation to the quarterbacks, but Smart said he doesn’t think they have a chemistry issue with either quarterback.

“I don’t think our offensive players really pay attention to or know who’s back there most of the time,” he said. “Especially this year when there’s been a lot of interchangeable parts.”

Smart was also asked about rotating quarterbacks week to week, and in a game.

“I’ll say it again, I’m really OK with whoever the best guy that gives us the best chance to win is, and that’s based on practice and health,” Smart said. “It’ll continue to be that way the rest of the year. The question of ‘Are you OK rotating them,’ is really not relevant if they’re not both completely healthy.”

Florida has a similar quarterback situation in that the Gators have played Emory Jones and Anthony Richardson. Smart was asked if the offense changes when the quarterback is changed.

“They really don’t hold back,” Smart said. “They may feel like there’s differences that I’m not aware of, but when you look at the quarterback reels, there’s plays within each game that both quarterbacks run. Most packages, they both carry. … The way the game’s called, they have similar plays.”

Smart added that they’re both tough guys to defend in terms of 53 yards of sideline and, “extra hat in the run game makes it tough.”