Georgia is riding high right now coming off a massive 41-0 win at Tennessee and sitting at a perfect 5-0 record. The Bulldogs are ranked in the Top 5 for the first time under Kirby Smart and now get a chance to avenge last season’s loss to Vanderbilt.

Smart was among the first coaches to speak during Wednesday SEC Coaches Teleconference.

Here’s a summary of what the Georgia coach had to say:

  • “We are excited to go to Nashville, Derek Mason does a tremendous job with his program.”
  • Progress of the OL, how pleased are you there? “Well, we are making progress. We are getting better as we go. We have a ways to go though. We play six guys there, we would like seven or eight. Not one guy that stands out there, we have several guys working hard.”
  • Thoughts on the targeting rule? “I think it’s a good rule. It’s there to protect players. It has changed the ways defensive players think. We are trying to make the game as safe as it can.”
  • Bob Stoops was at practice, how valuable was that? “I think it was great, I think our players know about his success and his championship. Anytime you can have someone like that come by, the players listen. He is a good friend of mine.”
  • On the competitive balance of the SEC, is that an issue? “Statistically that’s not a good reflection based on recent stats but I would argue the year is not over yet. A lot can happen between now and then. Often times, games snowball. Very rarely in the SEC does that happen, although it has happened a few times this year.
  • On Sam Pittman and his OL: “Coach Pittman does a tremendous job. No one I’ve ever worked with cares about his players more than Coach Pittman. We’ve had some tough in-season practices and they are gelling together. He does a good job with those guys.”
  • Coming off big Tennessee win, how do you keep UGA grounded? “Starts with practice and practice has been good. They beat us last year and that helps. They worked us upfront, we have to play our best game.”