College Football Playoff expansion is being discussed again this offseason. The topic came up at spring meetings a few days ago and now everyone is weighing in on the matter.

On Wednesday, Georgia coach Kirby smart visited “The Paul Finebaum Show” and voiced his support for expanding the field beyond four teams.

“I think if you polled any coach it would be foolish to say you didn’t want expansion,” Smart told Paul Finebaum. “The current system is certainly working, it’s been successful, but to give more teams an opportunity is a good thing. I think you look at years past and how many times No. 4 beats No. 1 or No. 3 beats No. 2 you could say the same thing could happen to six, eight or 10 teams.”

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Smart noted that a wider field could have made a big difference for Georgia in recent years.

“We’ve had I guess four consecutive years you finish in the top-10, maybe the top seven or eight teams in the country, you’re on the outside looking in a couple times because of one game,” Smart said. “You would certainly like that opportunity to grow and get more teams involved in it.”