Highlights from Georgia coach Mark Richt’s appearance on Friday’s Paul Finebaum Show:

Importance on Alabama game for program:

“Our goal is to get to ATL and win the SEC Champions game. Every single SEC game matters. I like the way our schedule sets up like that. This is a huge game for us and for our ultimate goal. Certainly when you have a team that’s been one of the best in America for as long as they have been, it’s good for us. The goal for us is to take care of business and be as disciplined as we can.”

15 years on this job, can you still take in the pageantry, surroundings:

“I don’t know which game it was, but when I was at Florida State as an offensive coordinator, we were playing Florida and it’s pre-game. For the first time, I looked around and said’ ‘man, this is awesome.’ How many people get to do this? I’ve learned to try to smell the roses and drink the coffee just a little bit. I’ve got a great job and I don’t take it lightly. I’m thankful to be a part of something as big as this.”

On Herschel Walker’s ‘Fournette is better than me’ comments:

“I don’t think it bothered our guys in anyway. My first year at Georgia, I had a recruit that wanted to wear No. 34. So I’m thinking to myself, ‘there’s no way in my first year I’m giving away Herschel Walker’s retired number.’ I called him and he said that if this kid wants it, let’s let him have it. I didn’t let him have it. I always tell our players the man makes the number, the number doesn’t make the man.”

Why so little criticism within the fan base:

“I love these dogs. When me and my wife decided on this job, I wanted to be here for the long haul. We love Athens. There is nothing better for us. We love our fans, they’re awesome. I’ve never tried to leverage anything for more money, more fame, anything. I’ve always been very, very loyal to Georgia. That’s just the way I operate.”

Closing remarks, story about his father:

“A man yesterday walking into the football complex found a $100 bill. He gave it to our receptionist. The receptionist held the money in case the person who lost it came back. It reminded me of Proverbs 20, Verse 7. The righteous lead blameless lives and blessed are their children after them. That man was my Dad who came to the office. I want to publicly say, ‘Dad, I love you and for your integrity and how you blessed me.”