Megan Moroney, a country singer known for her hit song “Tennessee Orange”, made some interesting comments on “The Paul Finebaum Show” on Tuesday.

For those who don’t know, “Tennessee Orange” is a song about Moroney, a Georgia native, and alum, falling for a Tennessee fan. She notes in the song that wearing Tennessee orange is considered a sin in the state of Georgia. However, do not get angry yet, Georgia fans, Moroney made her allegiance clear.

When asked by Finebaum if she was still a Georgia fan, Moroney responded: “Oh yeah. I plan on going to the Tennessee-Georgia game and I will be in Georgia red.” Moroney continued that she “will not be wearing Tennessee orange in Athens.”

Finebaum chuckled at the irony of Moroney singing “Tennessee Orange”, while clad in black-and-red attire. While the fictional version of Moroney might be okay with wearing orange, it seems the real Moroney has no plans of doing so.

Tennessee plays Georgia in Athens on Nov. 5, and you will not have to guess which side Megan Moroney is pulling for in that game.