The Atlanta Falcons are extremely good at finding ways to lose football games.

Whether it was blowing a 28-3 lead to the Patriots in the Super Bowl, not knowing onside kick rules against Dallas this season, or Sunday’s fiasco of scoring a touchdown that gave the Lions a chance to get the ball back and ultimately win 23-22, this franchise is known for snatching defeat at the jaws of victory.

The situation became even more laughable when the mic’d up video of Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan surfaced, telling Todd Gurley directly not to score in the huddle.

Look away, Falcons fans.

“Don’t score,” Ryan repeatedly says. “Get the first and get down.”

Gurley’s momentum carried him into the end zone, although it appeared for a moment it slipped his mind that he was not meant to score a touchdown.

File it into the long list of ways the Falcons have created to lose football games.