Mykel Williams has heard the rumors about him potentially entering the transfer portal, but he said on Wednesday ahead of the Orange Bowl against Florida State that that’s not his focus. He’s getting set for Florida State.

“That’s really all I’m thinking about, I’m not worried about the transfer portal right now,” he said.

Williams was then asked about the ability to move between outside and insider linebacker positions.

“We just try to put me in the best position on and off the field for here and for my future. I just appreciate Georgia for doing what they’re doing,” Williams said. “I kind of feel like that’s something I’ve been doing ever since I’ve been playing ball is kind of playing defensive end, outside linebacker, that position. I’ve just been groomed to do it. Coming here, with how we practice and how we play and how we use myself in the scheme, it’s just really kind of pretty much the same thing.”

Williams has missed just one game this season, but has only 14 tackles and 3.5 sacks.

So he believes this season has been below his standard, but he quickly pointed to the offseason and how he’s “ready to get some work in.”

“I really want to improve on my game as a whole,” he said. “Especially within my pass rushing, I want to work my hands better, and I want to get off the ball better. It’s a whole bunch of things, but I want to improve my game as a whole.”