The NCAA may be taking its time in responding to Georgia’s reinstatement request, but NCAA president Mark Emmert wasted no time in praising the Bulldogs for how their handling of Todd Gurley in this controversial situation.

“From the facts that we know today, publicly, Georgia’s behavior has been commendable,” Emmert said in an interview with the Associated Press. “They, apparently, saw something that concerned them, and they dealt with it directly and their athletic department seems to have handled that very, very appropriately based on what we know today.”

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Because of the timing and differences in how both situations were handled, the cases of Jameis Winston at Florida State and Gurley at Georgia have often been compared. The Seminoles, who launched an investigation of their own into whether Winston was paid for signing memorabilia, did not suspend Winston during the investigation.

Whereas Gurley was indefinitely suspended by UGA on Oct. 9, while the investigation was ongoing. Gurley has missed Georgia’s last two games.

FSU released an official statement last week stating there was no evidence that Winston accepted extra benefits, but Emmert noted that in these situations, it’s up to the school on how they respond.

“When a school has information about inappropriate behavior that might render a student-athlete ineligible, then they’re under an obligation to respond,” Emmert explained to the AP. “If it turns out later that they did know and did have facts that demonstrated that someone was ineligible and they played them anyway, then sure those wins can be vacated and that’s happened many times.”

For now, Georgia’s actions may be commendable to the NCAA, but it remains to be seen if they will merit just a two-suspension for its star running back. The NCAA has yet to make an official ruling on Gurley, despite the school asking for his official reinstatement nearly a week ago.