When it comes to the Georgia-Florida rivalry, nothing is left untouched, even when it comes to celebrity fans and the Heisman Trophy.

Country music star and Georgia fan Luke Bryan is using Tim Tebow’s Heisman Trophy to cast a curse on the Gators, TMZ reported via Instagram. Bryan revealed Thursday he and his wife won the rights to the trophy for six months at a charity auction last year, as they donated to the Brett Boyer Foundation in exchange for the honor.

However, Tebow waited until this week to deliver the award, and Bryan figures because of that, something is fishy about the timing.

“I feel it was an effort to bring bad mojo into my household,” Bryan said.

But he plans to counter that move.

Bryan says he’s now going to use the trophy to try and will his Bulldogs to victory.

“I’ve got this all week to put a curse on the Florida Gators!,” he said.