When the NFL Combine begins in Indianapolis in a few days, one of the most intriguing prospects will be Georgia QB Jake Fromm.

At one point, Fromm was receiving some first-round grades and was even being mentioned as a potential No. 1 overall pick. However, the 2019 season tempered those projections a bit.

So, what do scouts think of him now? NFL.com’s Daniel Jeremiah broke down one of Fromm’s biggest weaknesses on a conference call this week (via 247Sports):

“The knock on him, the concern has really been pure arm strength,” Jeremiah said on a conference call Friday. “When I’ve watched him, I’ve seen throws, I’ve seen him make deep outs from the far hash in the Florida game. You see examples of it, but there’s other times where the ball hangs and the ball dies. I think mechanically he can help with some things there to get his lower body more involved. And I know he’s been down in Mobile, Alabama at QB Country working with David Morris and Daniel Jones is down there. He’s starting to make progress there.”

Where does that leave Fromm in terms of getting drafted? Jeremiah think he’ll go in Round 2:

“I have him in that second-round range,” Jeremiah said. And I don’t think he’s for everybody. But I think if you’ve got run-game defense and you want somebody to be efficient and make good decisions, I think that’s who Jake is.”

A big performance from Fromm in Indianapolis will go a long way toward helping his draft stock. We’ll see how he performs soon enough!