Nick Chubb became one of the best running backs in SEC history during his incredible career with the Georgia Bulldogs.

Now that he’s an NFL rookie after the Cleveland Browns took him in the second round of the 2018 NFL Draft, he’s giving back to the people who got him to this point.

On Friday, it was announced that Chubb had donated 65 Xenith football helmets to the Cedartown High School Bulldogs. Per 247Sports, the gift checks in at about $15,000:

Chubb teamed up with Xenith to give 65 football helmets to the Bulldogs. Valued at approximately $250 apiece according to Cedartown principal Scott Hendrix, who was Chubb’s head football coach, the gift in total comes out approximately $15,000.

Chubb switched to wearing Xenith helmets during his time at Cedartown, so he’s been wearing them for a long time now.

Football is a dangerous sport, so wearing the proper head gear is important. Chubb wants to make sure his former high school has new equipment for the 2018 season and beyond.