Let’s relive Kelee Ringo’s dagger pick-6 in the final minutes of Georgia’s 2021-22 national title victory over Alabama, Georgia fans:

It’s a play that unofficially ushered Georgia’s dominance to the forefront of the college football world; No longer did the Bulldogs have to hear 1980 jokes anymore.

And of course, the Dawgs turned around and did it all again the following year. Heck, they have as strong a chance as anyone to do it in 2023-24 as well. On Friday, newly-drafted Philadelphia Eagles linebacker and former Georgia standout Nolan Smith recalled Ringo’s interception and touchdown jaunt to slam the door against the Tide.

And it is must-watch.

Ringo was also selected by the Eagles this past draft, taken in the 4th round.

In hindsight, Kirby Smart’s wisdom to down the ball as Smith retold, therefore placing the control firmly in Georgia’s hands with 45 seconds to go, was probably the wiser move in that situation.

But where’s the fun in that?