While Georgia appears to have the upper hand in its matchup against Notre Dame, one area of concern is Fighting Irish QB Ian Book.

Book has completed 61 percent of his passes this season without an interception. He’s thrown for 553 yards and 6 touchdowns in 2 games against Louisville and New Mexico. But Book is tied for the team lead with 127 rushing yards, and has 2 TDs. He averages 5.5 yards per game rushing.

Georgia coach Kirby Smart said at his weekly press conference that he’s impressed with the “very talented” Book.

“The guy’s fast, explosive,” Smart said. “He’s a dual threat guy that doesn’t have to be a dual threat guy. He’s exactly what is hard to prepare for because when a play breaks down, a lot of times as a coach or a defensive coach, you got it right, you finally got it right, then all of a sudden he gets a 10-yard gain on a play that you got it right on. You had him for a sack, or you had him for a no gain, he turns it into a 10-yard gain. He has a lot of explosive plays where he scrambles to throw and scrambles to run. He’s not a guy that just does one, he does both.”

They key is to not get out of position or too ambitious.

“It’s frustrating, you have to be really patient because you want to get him as a rusher, and then when you don’t get him, you get frustrated and it goes from being a lost yardage play to second and five,” Smart said. “He’s really talented, very impressed with him as kind of a commander and also a scrambler.”