Otis Reese is tired of waiting for an answer from the NCAA and the SEC.

If you aren’t familiar with his story, the former Georgia defensive back transferred to Ole Miss this offseason and is seeking a waiver to play immediately in Oxford. In order to play, Reese needs a waiver from the NCAA and from the SEC, due to the fact he’s an undergraduate and he left one league program for another.

Keep in mind, Reese didn’t recently transfer to Ole Miss, he announced his transfer to the Rebels back in January. Now, over 30 weeks later, he’s still waiting to find out if he’ll be able to suit up in 2020.

Lane Kiffin has publicly issued his dissatisfaction with this lengthy process and noted that this unusual season, in which the NCAA has granted an extra year of eligibility to all athletes, should result in allowing players like Resse and Tennessee’s Cade Mays to play this fall.

Clearly frustrated with the lack of transparency in the process, Reese issued a statement on Tuesday evening that calls out both Kirby Smart and his treatment during his time in Athens. That statement went viral, forcing Georgia to respond.

Here is the statement the school issued in response to Reese:

“We cannot comment on student-athlete eligibility matters due to federal privacy laws, but we would be happy to share our full response to Otis Reeseā€™s waiver request, if he provides a signed release allowing us to do so. UGA disputes any suggestion that it maintains an unsafe, unsupportive, or racially insensitive environment.”

The SEC season hasn’t even started yet, but already, tensions are running high in the league due to multiple transfer waivers that are still being processed.

There’s no telling which direction this story goes next but we’ll keep you posted when it happens.