Pat McAfee still has no love for Georgia fans, even after his comments before the SEC Championship.

McAfee already fooled Georgia fans on College GameDay. He was making his pick for the game and led them in a song. McAfee then turned around and picked Alabama instead.

He followed that up by swearing on Tuesday’s edition of ESPN’s “First Take.” He explained why he had to use a stick mic as opposed to a glob mic with some colorful language.

“The thing about is, when you wear tank tops like an asshole, it’s hard to put glob mics on,” said McAfee. “Especially with wearing 2 chains. So, it’s been quite a task for the people here.”

(NSFW Warning)

He also talked about all the people that ESPN laid off as well as telling Georgia fans they can go to hell to top things off.

“Georgia fans do not love me. The whole narrative all year was that because we came to ESPN that we fired Steve Young, we fired all the great people who were here at ESPN, which is my show’s fault,” said McAfee. “Then, on GameDay, David Pollack got let go. With that being said, I was very nice to Georgia fans. But in the biggest moment it was a nice little reminder to them all that you can all go to hell, too, for what you said to me all year.

Molly Qerim had to remind the guys all the table that ESPN is owned by Disney before they went any further as she tried to make the save.