Does this week’s Georgia-Alabama game remind you of a previous meeting between the two programs? It does for Paul Finebaum.

On his weekly appearance on “The Roundtable” on WJOX-FM in Birmingham, Alabama, Finebaum recalled the 2015 Alabama-Georgia game in Athens. So this time, is Kirby Smart going to get Nick Saban?

“I’m not prepared to say that, no,” Finebaum said. “I’ve been in this spot a couple of times. This game reminds me of, the situations are different but reminds me a little bit, I think it was 2015 when Alabama was heading over to Athens, Georgia was a slight favorite and it looked like it was over and Saban devoured them. I understand why people are thinking that, and even if it does happen, I’m not sounding like a fan calling it from Cullman here, saying it, it’s not going to be the end of the world.”

Finebaum suggested that the teams would likely meet again in Atlanta in the SEC Championship Game.

“It probably won’t be the end of the world because Alabama would have another shot at Georgia and that would be the game that would decide,” Finebaum said. “But if you want to say what does this game feel like, is it Georgia a couple years ago? Is it one of those Ole Miss games? It doesn’t have a good feel. I don’t think I could convince anyone this is a lead pipe cinch. And what’s so amazing, was it only two weeks ago, or maybe three weeks ago I’ve lost track of time now, when we were all wondering if Georgia had a chance to salvage the season after the embarrassing opener against Arkansas.”