It’s been said many times before but this might really be Georgia’s year.

The hype is real in Athens as the talent is in place to make a run at the SEC title, the Bulldogs have a talented and experienced quarterback capable of executing the gameplan and Kirby Smart even managed to bring in a two-time SEC head coach to serve as an extra set of eyes on the practice field with the addition of Will Muschamp.

Considering Alabama and Florida have a ton of production to replace this offseason, look for many to be picking the Bulldogs to win the SEC in 2021.

Paul Finebaum wasn’t willing to go that far during his most recent appearance on Birmingham-based 94.5 FM WJOX program The Roundtable, but he is buying the hype surrounding Georgia and JT Daniels.

Here is what the ESPN host had to say when asked about the legitimacy of Georgia’s College Football Playoff aspirations heading into the season.

“Well, they are legitimate,” Finebaum said on the show. “When the talking heads start chattering, probably as soon as I go off the air here, we’re going to hear the JT Daniels for Heisman hype train, and it’s legitimate. He is everything we thought he was going to be and we when we finally saw him we knew.”

That being said, Finebaum believes there are several hurdles for Georgia to clear and there’s no guarantee the Bulldogs manage to clear them all this fall.

“It’s always the same issues for Georgia though,” Finebaum added. “They deal with the toughest opening game in the country, I said at Clemson but although the game is two hours from Clemson, it still feels like it’s at Clemson. And then, the vagaries of the SEC, I think they are way ahead of Florida right now.

“But they still have to go to Auburn, we don’t know about (how good Auburn will be this season), do we? And the SEC Championship Game, likely against Alabama. So, I don’t think much has really changed at Georgia. If they can hold it together, last year, the team didn’t hold it together. They lost the Alabama game and they look terrible against Florida. I think it’s fairly similar, I mean this is what Kirby Smart does. He recruits elite athletes. This is one of the top four or five programs in the country, can they win the right games for us to say they’re going to the playoffs? Simple as that.”