Paul Finebaum joined ESPN’s “Get Up” on Friday to discuss a number of big college football questions entering Week 8.

At the end of the segment, Finebaum and fellow ESPN CFB analyst Heather Dinich named their current favorites to win the Heisman Trophy.

Dinich picks Alabama QB Bryce Young, while Finebaum made an interesting choice, naming Georgia DL Jordan Davis his frontrunner:

“Jordan Davis. Who is he? He’s the head of the best defensive line I’ve ever seen at the University of Georgia,” Finebaum said. “Will he win it? Probably not. He’s the best player. He represents that defensive line and I think he deserves a lot of consideration, Greeny, because it’s long overdue.”

Davis is a dominant lineman, but he doesn’t put up many quantifiable stats. Will that hurt his quest for the Heisman? We’ll see how things shake out as the season progresses.