Paul Finebaum only sees one team dancing with No. 1 Georgia in the College Football Playoff.

Finebaum joined the crew at Get Up Tuesday morning to speak on the matter. He talked about the likelihood each team has to reach the 4-team field and said the winner between Ohio State and Michigan will give Georgia the hardest time on their way to another National Title.

Sorry, TCU and USC.

“I think what it really shows is this is about the only school that could beat Georgia, and I’m talking about the winner of Michigan-Ohio State. TCU, I know we had our fun with them last week. They’re a very good team. If they get in the Playoff, congratulations, they’ll still lose by 3 or 4 touchdowns in the semifinals. And Southern Cal has had a phenomenal season… but I don’t think their defense can stand up to Georgia or Ohio State/Michigan. I think we’re really talking about 2 schools remaining in my mind that could possibly win the national championship.”

Do you agree with Finebaum?