Despite winning the national championship a year ago, Georgia wasn’t considered the favorite to repeat in 2022 by most college football analysts.

Many are signing a different tune Sunday, however, after watching the way the Bulldogs obliterated Oregon on Saturday, 49-3.

Among those who had plenty of good things to say about Georgia on Sunday was ESPN and SEC analyst and famed radio personality Paul Finebaum.

“I think people today and all week you’re going to start to hear them cement around the idea that maybe Georgia is something that we didn’t really think they were going to be,” said Finebaum while speaking to Matt Barrie on the ESPN College Football Podcast. “And that’s not only a contender but maybe a superpower. They certainly looked like it yesterday. You can argue easily that they’re the best team in the country. How do we know right now? We’ll figure it out soon.”

Finebaum, however, was also quick to point out that Georgia’s ascension has been ongoing for a number of years and that it’s far too early to anoint the Bulldogs as the clear favorites to win another national title.

“This has been going on a long time; Georgia has been there,” Finebaum said. “They played for the title in 2017. … they finally knocked the door down last year. And again, I remember a year ago today, we all gave the trophy to Alabama. There is reason to be cautious. But as you look at (Georgia’s) schedule, I’m having a hard time finding a game that I would seriously be concerned about.”

You can see more of Finebaum’s comments about Georgia and the opening week of college football below: