Kirby Smart and the Georgia Bulldogs throttled the Tennessee Volunteers Saturday 41-17.

Peyton Manning was also in Neyland Stadium to see it first-hand, too, and Smart revealed after the game that Manning had a special request before the game started — to recruit his son.

“I got a chance to talk to Peyton before the game but it was more about his son,” Smart revealed during his postgame press conference. “He wants me to recruit his son. He had me worried because he said he was gonna play quarterback today. So, I was getting even more nervous.”

Manning asking Smart to recruit his son should be no problem, because if you have the last name Manning, chances are you’re going to get recruited heavily and have loads of talent. One thing is for sure — the first family of quarterbacks will have another college superstar soon.

Manning’s nephew, Arch Manning, is the nation’s top high school quarterback for the class of 2023, and Georgia is right in the mix for Arch, along with a handful of other schools that includes Alabama, Ole Miss, Clemson and Texas.

Peyton’s son, Marshall, is just 10 years-old. That probably won’t make Vols fans too thrilled with Manning telling Smart to recruit his son, however.

You can watch Smart’s postgame press conference below: