On Tuesday, former Georgia defensive back Otis Reese used his Twitter account to make his case for immediate eligibility at Ole Miss, leveling serious allegations against Kirby Smart’s program and describing incidents of racism on UGA’s campus.

In a note Reese shared, he claimed that Kirby Smart did not keep his word on supporting Reese’s immediate eligibility as a transfer. Prominent attorney Tom Mars, who has been on both sides of players seeking eligibility as transfers, weighed in on Twitter.

Mars ripped Smart and also called out Georgia fans.

“What people are missing here is that Kirby Smart’s unequivocal support would have caused the NCAA to rubber stamp Otis’ waiver request. But whether it’s Cade Mays, Ohio State’s star QB, or Otis Reese, Coach Smart always seems to focus on pleasing the angry, retaliatory UGA fans,” Mars wrote.

Mars’ take here is notably biased, as he has familiarity dealing with Georgia on a high-profile transfer case. He was hired by Cade Mays when the offensive lineman sought immediate eligibility at Tennessee (Mays changed representation before ultimately winning his NCAA appeal).

It will be interesting to see if Smart responds to Reese and Mars. Reese’s note was posted after Smart’s Tuesday media opportunity with local beat reporters.