Here are some quick thoughts on Georgia’s big win over Arkansas.

What it means: Is Georgia better without Todd Gurley? Of course, no is the answer, but the on-field results suggest otherwise as the Bulldogs have dominated the first two opponents following Gurley’s suspension. Georgia is easily playing its best football of the season as they head into the bye week. They draw a beleaguered Florida team in two weeks and could easily have the SEC East wrapped up with a win in Jacksonville — with or without Gurley.

What I liked: There’s a lot to choose from, but I’ll go with probably a slightly smaller aspect — play action defense. Arkansas’ play action attack has been deadly against opposing defenses so far this season. The Razorbacks, who boast one of the nation’s best running games, are clearly at their best when they can mix in a little play action to keep the defense honest. Georgia, with the exception of Arkansas’ first play action play of the game, absolutely snuffed out the play action plays from the Razorbacks. Several times, quarterback Brandon Allen was unable to do anything on play action thanks to the fantastic pass coverage by the UGA secondary. Clearly, Georgia figured something out to neutralize one of Arkansas’ best assets.

What I didn’t like: Georgia’s second half performance on defense. The Bulldogs made some plays to ultimately fend off Arkansas, but they largely played uninspired and let the Razorbacks back into the game. A 32-point lead at halftime turned into just a 13-point lead by the end of the game. As great as Georgia played, second half defensive performances like that certainly won’t fly against more talented teams.

Who’s the man: Nick Chubb. The true freshman running back followed up his outstanding performance against Missouri with an even better game — 33 carries, 212 yards and two touchdowns.

Key play: Georgia’s scoop ‘n score towards the end of the second quarter. The Bulldogs were already up 31-6, but the 54-yard fumble return by Dominick Sanders all but sealed the deal on another big Georgia win.

What’s next: Georgia gets next week off before traveling to Jacksonville, Fla. to play Florida in The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party