A scary situation took place at Georgia on Tuesday, where freshman sprinter Elija Godwin was seriously injured in a freak accident.

Per a report from 247Sports, Godwin punctured his lung after falling on a javelin that was stuck in the ground and lost a lot of blood.

The report explains what happened to Godwin, who was pierced just below his left shoulder blade:

Freshman sprinter Elija Godwin was doing some backward sprints on the track Tuesday when someone had left the javelin on the ground, resting at an angle. Godwin fell into the rear end of the projectile while the front end was still lodged into the ground. It pierced him in his back, just below his left shoulder blade.

Fortunately, medical personnel acted quickly, and Godwin is expected to make a full recovery:

“We would like to express appreciation for all those who acted so quickly and efficiently in coming to the aid of Elija,” Director of Sports Medicine Ron Courson said. “Special thanks to our sports medicine staff, UGA Police Department, Athens-Clarke County Fire-Rescue, National EMS, and Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center.”

Godwin is a freshman on the team and comes to Athens from Covington, Georgia.