The Georgia equestrian team finds itself embroiled in controversy this month, as a lawsuit has been filed against the state Board of Regents.

Per a report from, a former assistant coach claims she was fired for being pregnant.

Per the lawsuit, Alexandra O’Toole also claims she was harassed by head coach Meghan Boenig after announcing her pregnancy:

Alexandra O’Toole was hired to be one of the team’s assistant coaches in July 2016. She was fired in May 2018 when she was seven months pregnant after being called “preggers” by her boss and having “endured taunts about her pregnant condition and questions concerning her priorities,” her lawsuit contends.

Even though O’Toole’s athletes fared well this year, she claims she was still harassed by Boenig:

“Despite this fact,” the lawsuit notes, “Ms. Boenig made disparaging comments related to Ms. O’Toole’s pregnancy and pregnant condition. … For instance, Ms. Boenig would make demeaning comments about the size of her breasts, the size of her stomach, and referred to her as ‘preggers.’”

We’ll see what becomes of this lawsuit, but for now, it’s not a good look for the team.