According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Georgia’s star running back and leading Heisman candidate Todd Gurley could be suspended for the rest of the season:

A person familiar with the investigation of possible violations by Georgia running back Todd Gurley told the AJC on Friday that it’s a “significant” case of the sale of memorabilia and there is a possibility that Gurley may not be cleared to return to the field this season.

The AJC’s Chip Towers goes on to explain that the difference between Gurley’s current situation and the similar scenario that caused former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel to miss only a half during the 2013 season is the greater amount of evidence available in Gurley’s case.

News of Gurley’s indefinite suspension broke Thursday evening after the NCAA launched an investigation into whether Gurley received extra benefits for his likeness by memorabilia brokers. He was suspended by the Georgia Athletic Association.

The AJC reports the official decision on the length of Gurley’s suspension should be announced early next week.