Freshman defensive back Rico McGraw thinks Georgia’s program is close to doing big things.

The Nashville, Tenn., native has a big future in Jeremy Pruitt’s defense, and he gushed over Pruitt in an article by McGraw, a one-time Alabama commit, also explained why he flipped from Alabama and why he thinks the Bulldogs’ program is ready to pop.

“I just feel like we’ve always been this close to doing it big. I just feel like I’ve come in the right time and in the right situation,” McGraw told 247Sports. “Coach Pruitt is doing a great job recruiting. He brought in some of the best players in from around the country. He gave us a dream that we were ready to buy into. I knew Georgia would be able to do it so I’ve just taken part and believed in it.”

McGraw could be the future ‘star’ in Pruitt’s defense, playing the coveted position in his coordinator’s defense. So, as you might expect, McGraw didn’t pull the trigger for the Bulldogs until Pruitt got the job in Athens, replacing Todd Grantham.

“I always knew Georgia would probably be the best place for me,” McGraw told 247Sports. “While (Todd) Grantham and (Scott) Lakatos was here, I always took a lot of interest in Georgia but they never took much interest in me or offered me. So I stuck with my other choices. I stuck with Alabama. Then I saw one day that they had left and that Coach (Jeremy) Pruitt was up for defensive coordinator at Georgia, so I was just thinking, ‘Dang, what if Pruitt got it?’ Then the next day he called me and offered me. I told my Mom the next day, ‘Mom, I think this is what I want to do.’ I told her then and then the last week of January, I went ahead and did it. I went with Georgia.”

McGraw’s decision could pay dividends for the Bulldogs’ defense.

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