There’s plenty of the usual debate around the College Football Playoff rankings this week, as there always is every time they come out. While few would argue that LSU belongs at No. 1, some of the discussion is about Georgia and whether it is deserving of the No. 4 spot it currently occupies.

If you ask ESPN college football analyst Ryan Leaf, the Bulldogs don’t belong there at all. The former Washington State quarterback appeared on ESPN2’s “Now or Never” to discuss the current playoff field and had some strong opinions about the Dawgs and where they stood.

“Them at 4 was absurd,” said Leaf. “They have the worst loss you can imagine. South Carolina beat them at home. South Carolina just lost to Appalachian State this weekend. They lost to North Carolina at the beginning of the year. So that to me is a position that I don’t think is warranted right now. The 2 wins that they have against Florida and Notre Dame, those don’t outweigh the bad loss for me.”

While Leaf has a point about the loss to South Carolina, it’s one man’s opinion. Credit to the Bulldogs for bouncing back and putting themselves in a position to even make the Playoff. And with a win against Auburn on Saturday, they’ll find themselves that much closer to nailing down their spot in the top 4.