Not long after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers unveiled their new jerseys for the 2020 season to much acclaim, the Atlanta Falcons were hoping to receive similar feedback on their new look for the coming season.

While it’s not fair to say the Atlanta jersey was universally mocked or perceived negatively, perhaps the most widely seen response came from the Carolina Panthers, who unmercifully mocked the Falcons’ new look.

If you missed it, the Panthers pointed out the fact the new Atlanta jersey looks very similar to the uniforms worn by Adam Sandler in the movie, The Longest Yard.

Here’s the viral tweet from Carolina if you missed it.

A day later, while promoting the stitching of the team’s jerseys, which is pretty odd in of itself, Sean Payton shared his humorous response to all the hype the Falcons were giving to the team’s new uniform.

Check it out below, the first image is Atlanta’s stitch image followed by Payton’s response.