Benjamin Watson saw many reps in practice against a Georgia defense during his time as a tight end at the university in the early 2000s after transferring from Duke.

To hear him tell it, the defenses he faced while there – along with watching from the sidelines during games – are nothing compared to what the Bulldogs have put out on the field thus far in 2021. They’re ranked at or near the top nationally in numerous defensive categories and will look to flex their muscle once more against Florida in the Cocktail Party on Saturday in Jacksonville.

“I wouldn’t want to practice against those guys,” the SEC Network analyst said during an appearance on “Marty & McGee” on Saturday.

That’s despite some of the players that he went up against while part of the scout team when he first arrived in Athens and had to sit out a year due to NCAA transfer regulations despite still being able to practice — most notably players like Marcus Stroud and Richard Seymour, among others.

“I was like their tackling dummy for a year,” he joked. “I wouldn’t want to turn around and do that against this defense at all.”