In a bit of a soap opera twist, the latest episode of SEC Shorts found Hope leaving Georgia as the national championship celebrations are just kicking off around Athens, specifically on Lumpkin Street.

In a dramatic twist, Hope told Georgia that it doesn’t need her anymore after ending the 41-year championship drought with the win over Alabama.

“You did it by beating the best dynasty in college football led by the best quarterback in college football against the best head coach in college football,” she said. “And you did it all in Indiana, in January. You don’t need me anymore.”

Georgia couldn’t quite accept it.

“I don’t understand,” he said. “It’s been 41 years and you’re leaving? We’re just getting started. We’re Georgia fans. We hope, it’s what we do. What’s changed?”

Hope replied, “What’s changed is you hoped you could do it. Next time, you’ll know you can do it.”

Hope then left for another SEC team that has had its own issues over the years with Alabama, but also beat the Crimson Tide in 2021.

Georgia quickly moved on and turned to cell phone reaction videos of the game-clinching pick-6 that kicked off the Dawgs’ celebrations on Monday night.

“It makes me cry like my own daughter’s wedding,” he said.